Science of the Heart Electromagnetic Field

Science of the Heart Electromagnetic Field

  1. Donovan EvansDonovan Evans11-12-2012

    Does you company accept debit cards as a form of paymet for your products?

  2. JoshJosh11-12-2012

    Hi Donovan, we absolutely do accept debit cards. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Magnetic Pill Support

  3. Daniel CDaniel C02-18-2013

    Hi, I’m very curious about your magnetic pills and the concept behind them seems fairly sound from my scientific understanding and I can see how they could work. I would like to ask you if there has been any actualy (unicersity, ect) scientific studies and research on the pills effects on the human mind and body?

    Being that these pills are composed of natural minerals and vitamins, are there any toxicity levels to be noted? And would it be safe to increase the dosage over the recommended two tablets per day, to maximise absorption and use of the magnetic mineral that is used?

    • JoshJosh02-19-2013

      Hi Daniel,

      There are not currently any double blind studies or equivalently stringent tests that have been conducted with Magnetic Pill at this point, though we are in the process of putting these studies in place. That being said we absolutely stand by our claims with great pride as we feel that Magnetic Pill is very special product. And to ensure that our customers are satisfied we do offer the only life-time warranty you’ll find in the supplement market.

      In regards to the toxicity levels, its a great question to ask, and with the supplement’s ingredients there is nothing that you should be overly concerned with. It is never a good idea to have too much of anything, and we do recommend that everyone consults a doctor before beginning any new supplement regimen.

      It is safe to increase the dosage over the recommended tablets to maximise absorption. Out of all of the components within the supplement the number one ingredient to watch for over-dosing levels would be the B Vitamins, but it would require a substantial increase to even begin to approach toxic levels for the average person.

      But do please be sure to consult your doctor or physician before beginning any new supplement regimen.

      Let us know if you have any other questions Daniel, have an Awesome Day!

      Magnetic Pill Support

  4. sandra dennissandra dennis03-02-2013

    hi i have been on your pills for three weeks now and can say i only have positive results from them i can tell you i have deep sleep every night i have lost weight everywhere from around my body were it wasn’t needed feel so aware and energetic of whats going on around me no more brain fog like i used to get i also give there to my 16 year old daughter and finely found a pill that is clearing her face up from pimples she is so confident with herself now witch is great for me as her parent i will continue to take these pill as i love the help its given me and my daughter thanking you so much sandy 🙂

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