The Benefits

It is easy to find a specific vitamin or mineral that has a positive effect on the human body, but simply taking a supplement (or several) packed into a capsule will only get you so far.

Just like building a car, you can’t expect that if you pile all of the parts in the middle of a garage you’ll have a high-performance vehicle, you won’t have a car at all, you’ll just have a pile of potential.

You need a blueprint, a plan, an architecture designed for greatness. Meet Magnetic Pill, the most well designed, technologically advanced, scientifically proven, compilation of forward-thinking ingredients strategically built into the shape of a pill.

Spiritual Expansion

Deeper, easier more profound meditations
(get “in the zone” and focus).

Be in a calm, centered meditative state, even when you aren’t meditating.

Dramatic experiences of expanded consciousness and increased sensory, all of the time.

Super charge your consciousness while expanding the possibilities of what meditation can do for you.

Hyperdrive Your Mind

Stimulate dormant brain regions to create whole brain functioning (Think genius state).

Heighten your creativity, boost your intelligence, and increase your ability to learn.

Increase the speed at which you think by multiplying the number of neural connections within your mind.

Discover what your brain is hiding from you. Break through.

Ignite Your Inner Power

Rapidly increase your sensory
(Most people aren’t prepared for this).

Rejuvenate, expand, and maximize the neural-system of the body
(heal nerve damage).

Allow your body to operate at its highest level of efficiency
(faster muscle growth, stronger immune system, increased vitality).

Induce relaxation, relieve pain, and improve blood flow.